Quality, not quantity

We constantly try to envision a future of possibilities for catalyzing change. Therefore, we implement a range of activities for one common goal - assisting each individual to reach their full potential. We design and implement activities that are informed by their perspectives. Our core approach is to holistically tackle the multi-pronged effects of mental health that can be spurred by societal, environmental, economic, and personal issues. Some of our recent activities are listed below:

Education and Mental Health

We all witness the difficulties incurred by students with mental disabilities and/or illnesses. Students with mental problems are also two to three times more likely to be bullied than those without. This results in weaker academic performance, lack of confidence, and long-term symptoms persisting into adolescence. This unfortunately emerges as a global challenge everywhere in the world for 1 in 3 teens. To tackle the issue, we started our after-school classes for 80 children living with mental disabilities with the assistance of the Global youth mobilization Fund. As part of the program, low-resourced students are provided with foundational literacy skills they need to lead their lives, become mentally healthy, and thrive in the economy. For the first time in Afghanistan, we've made a commitment to make classrooms a mentally safe environment for students by providing mental health services and a friendly, non-judgemental learning environment for them to reach their full potential.

Gender Equality

As South Asia continues to hit the bottom of the list when it comes to gender equality, we as insiders, know that the mental health of the survivors can be severely impacted as a result. To shift long-standing attitudes and norms, we illustrate and produce comic books and use storytelling. Stories are based upon real-life experiences that encourage male participation in achieving gender equality and foster transformative, mind-changing behaviors for the reader to forge a personal connection with the cause and contribute to it.

Mental Health Support

For the first time in Afghanistan, we’ve pioneered offering online mental health support for vulnerable Afghans facing personal, societal, economic, and familial challenges. Although primarily our target group are refugees, women and children, students with mental disabilities, and people with financial difficulties, our service is open to anyone who might be having a challenging time with their mental health. You can put a request to opt for the services by filling out this form.