Changemaker, launched in 2022, is a youth-led initiative that's laser-focused on upscaling the fragile mental health system in Afghanistan and forging its connection with other SDGs particularly SDG 4, 5, and 13 by using evidence - based research, program implementation, and advocacy.

Through our Online Counseling Program, our dedicated psychologist offers virtual psychological support and counseling via WhatsApp or phone calls. While acknowledging that mental health affects everyone, we prioritize survivors of violence as our primary audience. Our compassionate team will conduct initial assessments to ensure the services align with the client's needs noting that we’re equipped to deal with mild to moderate cases at the moment.

Our Mission

To directly invest in people's needs through a participatory, meaningful and context-based approach, developing programs aimed at increasing the capacity of individuals while integrating a layer of mental health into the work we do to simultaneously increase productivity and wellbeing. We partner with organizations, professionals, activists, academia, and other stakeholders around the world to educate, collaborate and jointly move the needle for issues we care about.

Our Vision

To promote mental health information and services and remove barriers such as accessibility, lack of information, and affordability. With that in mind, we tend to increase the quality of our services by contextualizing it to cater to the needs of people. We envision a future where mental health is integrated as a fundamental right and as a tool for innovation, and productivity, to our lives and communities.


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Meet our

Amazing Team

Ahmad's passion for equitable mental services and linking them with other Sustainable Development Go
Ahmad's passion for equitable mental services and linking them with other Sustainable Development Go

Ahmad Nasir

Zeynab Azimi



Miya Redfrog

Communications Manager

Farzana Mohammadi


Ahmad's passion for equitable mental services and linking them with other Sustainable Development Goals is the cause and reason for our existence. Since 2018, he has been actively advocating for changing policies and making impact as a volunteer teacher, global youth reporter for team harmony foundation (reporting on issues like civil rights), Young leader for @women_deliver fellow for @_orygen_ global (Mental health advocacy), external reviewer for Grand Challenges Canada and the @worldeconomicforum. The SDGs he is passionate about are 3,4 good health and well-being, and quality education.

Zeynab the star of our initiative is our 2D animation Illustrator from Afghanistan. She graduated from Herat University this year and her passion for advocacy has led her to work with a wide cohort of networks including UNICEF and Changemaker.

The chaos and turmoil in her country have made life difficult for her and other girls but her belief in her dreams has helped her use art to depict the beauty and ugliness of everyday life in Afghanistan.

Through her work, she aims to communicate with the souls of viewers and touch their hearts.

Miya Redfrog is a core member of the Changemaker Team and uses her creativity and ideas to help us as our Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager. She is a student Social worker, a digital activist and inclusion enthusiast, passionate about equity and all aspects of it for the planet, people and peace. She volunteers as Movers Ambassador at the @moversprogramme facilitating workshops on SDGs and 21st-century skills for young people across India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka. She was part of @yecap.ap Cohort#2 as a youth fellow, and Cohort#3 team Co-lead.

A clinical psychologist and University lecturer by profession, Ms. Mohammadi holds two bachelor degrees from the Psychology faculty of Kabul University and Law and Political Science from Dunya University. Ms. Mohammadi has a wealth of experience working in trauma informed care for public and private hospitals over the last few years. She is currently working as a psychologist in a private hospital. She has also worked with a number of organizations focused extensively on advancing mental health.