We are always interested to partner and collaborate with other organizations, entities, institutions, academia, and more to bring light and color to the work we do. As an initiative focused on merging mental with other issues and SDGs, we value and welcome other partners who’re keen to innovate novel yet effective approaches.

Please email us at to elaborate your ideas or discuss ways ahead for collaboration.

Our Partners


You are welcome to volunteer with us for organizing a reading circle in your community. Reading circles are organized to bring a small group of students together to discuss a piece of literature like a book or an article. In our case, students will be required to read two comic books that are based on real life stories on gender-based violence in South Asia. After reading the comic books, the students will be assigned to discuss the contents of the book along with their main takeaways, their feelings, understandings, and any mind shift that has happened through this process.

If you’re interested in organizing a reading circle or knowing more about the roles and responsibilities, please email us at .


Our work is based in one the poorest countries in the world where people wake up with dozens of societal issues including the ongoing war in Afghanistan. South Asian countries in general, are still suffering dramatically and consistently hits the bottom of the list when it comes to health and well-being (especially mental health).

You can support us in our ongoing effort to assist the most vulnerable ones in Afghanistan and across South Asia. You’re also free to choose if you want your donation to be contributed as humanitarian funding directly to the people or to the organization.

Please reach out to us at if you want additional information or want to discuss additional options.


Until now, we’ve participated in dozens of speaking engagements to raise awareness, propose solutions, lobby governments, organizations, and institutions, and catalyze change. Our team members speak on a range of issues primarily on mental health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, education, and climate change.

If you want to book a speaker for an event, please contact us at A team member will get in touch regarding further details.


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